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Thank you, Bloch Corporation!

During all the hard work this past trip, there were many wonderful moments and watching the children express their joy and happiness through movement during their daily dance class, could possibly have been number one on the listI Thank Bloch!

In 2015, NBHF received its first donation from Bloch Corporation, an international company selling all items needed by the dancer including: ballet shoes, pointe shoes and their accessories, tights, leotards, and other accessories. Again, this year, Bloch generously donated shoes and leotards to the dancers in Ayacucho Village. For nearly three weeks, the girls and boys of Ayacucho took a daily dance class in a communal hut damaged by flooding Amazon waters and the harsh elements of the jungle. We believe there is no other program such as ours in the Amazon Forest and we acknowledge the generous support of Bloch Corporation.

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