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A Donation that Saves Lives

"We aim to bring awareness to worthy organizations by amplifying their voices, expanding their supporter communities, and providing funding for their projects and initiatives.

We support projects across the globe that foster education and good health for young girls in developing nations; protect and preserve indigenous cultures; conserve and sustain our environment; and give access to clean water." The White Feather Foundation

In July 2020, the Nevada Building Hope Foundation received a donation from The White Feather Foundation. They provided NBHF the funds to provide COVID-19 relief to the people living along the rivers in the remote Amazon. The people living in this part of the world are some of the poorest in human society today. They live on what they can farm and fish with little or no income. These communities are isolated from the cities, they struggle to obtain all they need to survive. Dustin Pinedo Gonzales, NBHF Director/Peru organized the purchasing and distribution of the supplies of the COVID-19 relief supplies to the three remote jungle communities of Ayacucho, San Juan de Yanayacu, and Junin Villages.

When we received notification from The White Feather Foundation that they would support a COVID-19 Relief Project in the Amazon, Dustin immediately traveled to the communities. For three days in July, Dustin visited every community. He spoke to communal leaders and the women’s group and together they created a list of most needed supplies. With the money NBHF received from The White Feather Foundation, Dustin purchased sustainable foods such as rice, cooking oil, spaghetti, flour, sugar, oats, potatoes, salt, tea, and canned milk.

These foods will supplement the crops the people grow in their gardens and the fish they catch daily in the river. Included with the food supplies were goods such as bars of soap, matches, Clorox, soap powder and Tylenol. Dustin along with biologist Alfredo Dosantos, traveled with the supplies on August 17, 2020. For three days they distributed all the items to the families who have little if any access to the city and the modern world.

This was not an easy task. Ayacucho Village, and its communities are remote river villages on the Tipishka and Yanayacu Rivers, tributaries of the Amazon River, located in the Peruvian Rain forest. These remote villages are approximately twelve hours by river taxi from Iquitos City. When Dustin and his team arrived to the mouth of the Yanayacu River from the Amazon they found that the water level was too low for the cargo boat to navigate. The people from all three communities, men, women, and children came to meet the cargo boat with their canoes and small boats and as a team, transported all the supplies to the river bank where the supplies were then distributed to each family.

There were tears of joy and appreciation. With this generous donation, the people of these three remote communities can now stay safe in the jungle and away from Iquitos City. It is believed that 80% of the people living in Iquitos City have been infected by COVID-19. Thanks to the effort of Nevada Building Hope Foundation, The White Feather Foundation, and Curassow Amazon Lodge, Grand Amazon Lodge and Yaku Amazon Lodge and Expeditions, the people are safe in their communities with supplies to last them for at least 4 months.

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