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March 2020 Delivery

NBHF Children’s Program

Dustin Pinendo Gonzales and Barbara Land spent numerous hours in all three jungle communities, Ayacucho, San Juan de Yanayacu, and Junin Villages. They measured all the children for their school uniforms and shoes, as well as assessed each family for their needs.

Ayacucho Women’s Project.

Tia Flores provided the women with new tools and laminated cards to help artisans with their craft-making. NBHF thanks Tia for providing the women of Ayacucho with the tools to better their lives through craft-making.

Corona Pandemic

The communities are struggling and as of today, there are no reports of the virus in the jungle communities. The families have no way to make money, the tourist lodges are closed and the people are unable to sell their fish nor crops due to the lack of money in the villages. Since the country is closed, no one is permitted to travel on the land, the air nor the water, the people are unable to get supplies they need. They can fish and eat their farmed crops but gasoline, medicines, and other important supplies are unattainable. NBHF will begin a campaign to raise money for food and medicines to send to the isolated jungle communities in the near future.

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