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Good News in October

October 2019

Medical Mission

Shawna Zorio, RN and NBHF, Vice President, conducted health and wellness checks on all the women and children living in both Ayacucho and San Juan de Yanayacu Communities. She had meetings with the communities and conducted small workshops on preventative health topics. NBHF dispersed hydrocortisone and antibiotic creams, vitamins, Advil, Tylenol, muscle rub and eye drops to all three communities of Ayacucho, San Juan de Yanayacu, and Junin Villages.

Barbara on her daily walk with the kids.

Nevada Building Hope Foundation Educational Program.

We now have more children in our children’s Educational Program. In Ayacucho (55) children, San Juan (25) children, and Junin with (20) children. With our yearly sponsorship program, we will continue to provide the children all they need for one year of education. The campaign for the 2020-21 school year will begin in February 2020.

The Ayacucho High School

Phase I of the building of the new high school in Ayacucho Village was completed (Oct. 2019) The campus consists of two buildings and a boy’s and girl’s bathroom. Each classroom was equipped with desks, and bookshelves. NBHF thanks Bailey Ahn and Makysm Taran for raising $16,000, the money needed to fund the project. Lucinda Peralta, NBHF Director of Peruvian Projects managed the project with Dustin Pinedo Gonzales. Due to their organized effort, there was enough money left from the school project to repair a community home that will be used as a home for the new high school teachers.

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