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Spring and Summer 2019

Children’s Project and Proposed High School

In 2016, Working in collaboration with Ministerio de Education in Peru, the school’s principals and teachers of Ayacucho Tipishica-Rio Amazonas, Nevada Building Hope Foundation created a children’s education program. This program provides everything a child needs for a full year of education, including: (slacks and shirts for the boys) and (blouses and skirts for the girls) clothes for physical education, undergarments, shoes, (school shoes, croc type shoes, tennis shoes, and rubber boots, shorts) backpacks with supplies. We also provide the teachers in both communities the supplies they will need for a full school year. We work in San Juan de Yanayacu and Ayacucho Villages, for this 2019-20 school-year, we provided 100 children with a full year of education.

In summer of 2018, Barbara Land, from NBHF, a representative from the Curassow Amazon Lodge, the Mayor and the PTA president from Ayacucho Village had a meeting with the Department of Education in Iquitos. On that day, the Minister of Education granted permission to NBHF to seek the funds for the construction of a secondary school in the Ayacucho Zone. The NBHF through a donation has raised $18,000 for the construction of the secondary school. The building of Phase I of the school began in the summer of 2019.

The High School in Ayacucho Village is being funded by monies given to NBHF by Ahhyun (Bailey) Ahn and Maksym Taran. In 2019, Bailey and Maksym visited both San Juan and Ayacucho villages and fell completely in love with the children! They believe their greatest gift to the children living in the Ayacucho zone is the gift of education.

In June 2019, they donated $18,000 for the construction of the high school and for much needed school supplies. After their generous contribution for the Phase I. building of the high school, they recently committed to funding Part II. Of the project which is projected to begin in 2020.

Arts Education, Dance and Sports.

For the past three years, NBHF has been presenting movement classes in the village of Ayacucho. The Gazette, the official journal of the Royal Academy of Dancing, London, England, published an article about this pioneer arts program in the Amazon Jungle. NBHF has received world-wide recognition for this program, and it is considered the only one of its kind in the Amazon. NBHF received a generous donation of shoes and dancewear from Bloch Corporation and our local dance store. In June 2019, the children of San Juan de Yanayacu had their first ballet class taught by Barbara Land with ballet student, Olivia Peralta. The children loved their dance class and the primary school teachers are anxious to learn to teach dance during the school year.

In June 2019, Andres Peralta, from Tucson, Arizona, instructed American Baseball to children of San Juan de Yanayacu and Ayacucho Villages. A junior in High School, Andres spent three weeks teaching both the boys and the girls how to play this popular American Support. A donation from Custom Ink in Reno, Nevada, provided the children of both communities with 100 shirts in support of this project.

Medical Missions.

In June 2019, MPH student from the University of Nevada, Reno, Julia Ausmus, spent three weeks with NBHF Board Members in both San Juan and Ayacucho Villages teaching first aid and CPR to community members. Her teachings this summer were beneficial to the communities and she left the communities very loved by all who met her.

Julia Ausmus teaching first aid in Ayacucho Village

In June 2019, Tulane University professors and students, from the Bio-medical Engineering Department spent one week in San Juan, Junin, and Ayacucho Villages interviewing community members on their current medical needs. Their plans are to return in June 2020 and to work with NBHF as we together, assess and implement programs to better the medical conditions in this part of the Amazon basin.

Group Tulane University Dr. Katherine Raymond Dr. Carolyn Bayer

Group Tulane at Junin Village

Dr. Katherine Raymond, Tulane Unversity in Ayacucho Village

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